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Custom Packing Services

fresh packing



Experience the epitome of convenience with our Fresh Packing Services, where your blueberries are carefully packed into your selected label. Let us handle the intricate details of packing, logistics, and storage, while you focus on delighting consumers with the most delicious fruit.

Our Frozen Polybag Packing service is tailored to your needs. Whether you're supplying your own frozen fruits and vegetables or utilizing our top-quality frozen fruit, we create custom-packed retail products that resonate with your brand. Let us handle the intricacies of freezing, packing, and labeling, while you focus on delivering excellence to your customers.

Our onsite coolers offer a versatile storage solution, accommodating a range of produce and nursery items outside of peak harvest periods. Strategically located along the I-5 corridor, just 60 miles south of B.C., Canada, our facilities optimize shipments and logistics. This prime location ensures efficient distribution, minimizing transit time and maximizing the freshness of your products.

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